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If you’re looking for inspiration to remodel your bathroom or remodel your kitchen, these creative and clever design ideas will motivate you to create a stunning space that seamlessly matches your vision. If you’re planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel, Luxiomer has everything you need to get started, including the latest trends and essential quartz, porcelain, or natural stone for your residential or commercial projects. Check out some of the best remodeling ideas to help you design the perfect kitchen bathroom for our outdoor project for your home.

Our projects are not just structures but narratives stories where the ancient prestige of stones like Quartzite, the robust charm of Granite, the eternal grace of Marble, the unique hues of Dolamite, the vivid patterns of Sodalite, the deep allure of Onyx, the rustic touch of Travertine, the timeless beauty of Limestone, and the soothing aura of Soapstone come alive. Each project we undertake becomes a canvas where these magnificent natural stones, with their unique stories, are artistically used to craft masterpieces. Our projects also radiate the modernity and durability likes of the hardy Sintered Stone, the sleek Porcelain, and the adaptive Quartz. With every project, we pay homage to the millennia-old legacy of these stones while marrying them to contemporary aesthetics and needs.

Kitchen Remodel Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen Remodel Bathroom Remodeling

Let’s discuss how you can create a unique and personalized space that meets your needs and preferences.

In the past, traditional bathrooms were usually equipped with a vanity, sink, toilet, and tub with a shower. The design of these bathrooms mostly focused on tile, shower curtains, and wall paint. However, today, there are many more options to transform a bathroom into a luxurious space.

Luxiomer’s an interior designer in the Los Angeles area lead designer owner of Luxiomer Designs, shares some insights into modern bathroom designs.

Toilets have always been an essential feature of a bathroom. However, Kohler has introduced an intelligent toilet that senses your approach, opens the lid, and self-cleanses. This toilet exemplifies the latest approach to bathroom styles with its sleek exterior and small size. Today’s toilets come in wall-hung and square shapes, which can enhance the overall design of the bathroom.

There are numerous options for basins and faucets, unlike the bulky and outdated chrome bathroom faucets of the past. Today, you can find gorgeous, sleek options in all types of metals that arc over the basin or dual knobs. To complement the beauty of this hardware, under-mount sinks are sunk into the countertop, allowing an uninterrupted flow to the design. Undermount sinks are understated, further showcasing elegant faucet and counter looks.
The traditional bathtub and shower combo offers options, but the cramped space limits the full enjoyment of either. In modern bathroom designs, there’s enough space to indulge in a spa shower or fully immerse in a tub.

Stall showers have come a long way from the stark white porcelain or plastic wall surrounds. Rich, natural materials such as slate or stone and glass doors replacing shower curtains easily add style and class. Intelligent options for showerheads that have settings to remember your preferences make the experience much more personalized for added luxury and comfort.