Cascada Perla


Vadara Cascada Perla Countertop Slab Kitchen Countertops Installation A scatter of ice islands decorate the glassy surface of Iceland’s Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon, a lake that appears untouched by time, a playground of ice, and a kaleidoscope of shadow and light. We hoped to recreate the feeling of stillness you experience when completely enveloped by patterns of white from the intricate ice islands drifting gently across the frozen surface, to rising glaciers, and dispersal of clouds overhead. Cascada Perla’s jagged veins and subtle shades of grey echo this scene of frozen serenity, sometimes cloaked in shadow, and other times ablaze with light. Just like the frozen islands of Iceland’s icy arcadian, we set out to bring a sense of complex serenity to this design, so you can recreate it in your space.

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