Calacatta Belleza


Vadara Calacatta Belleza Slab Kitchen Countertops Installation Calacatta Belleza was inspired by the stark white peaks and magnificent vistas of the Aosta Valley. Dramatic white mountains rise against the horizon as craggy cliffs ebb and flow; formed over thousands of years of ice coating and thawing, sculpting deep ravines and spires of rock. It’s impossible to behold the scene of poise and grandeur standing at the foot of the Aosta valley without feeling part of something bigger than yourself. We wanted to capture the dance of light and dark, of peaks and shadows in the pattern of veins on our Calacatta Belleza the differing sizes, a homage to seemingly random crevices and chasms, of ever-changing peaks. Set against a smooth, crisp white quartz, we hope to bring something of the valley’s majestic, electric stillness, to your design.

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