Aurora Frost


Vadara Aurora Frost Quartz Slabs Countertops Installation It’s impossible to stand at the foot of Studlagil Canyon, and not be struck by the sense of something otherworldly. Towering blue-grey rock formations appear like mercurial mirrors shooting up from the cold glassy river, as streaks of cotton-candy clouds illuminate the sky. The softness of pink, white mist, and gently trickling water perfectly contrasts jutting towers of crystalline rock, rigid and imposing creating an aesthetic balance, imperfect, inconsistent yet perfectly synchronized. We bring this play of shadow and brilliance, of soft waters and lurid rock-face to Aurora Frost through dynamic blue-grey veining across a luminous white base. It’s a style that’s as dark and dynamic as it is luminous and light, bringing a sense of ethereal balance and icelandic majesty to your space.

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